The Southeast part of Turkey has been devastated by two major earthquakes and many aftershocks, affecting approximately 13 million people. Some are still trapped under the rubble while others are struggling to survive in the harsh weather with limited access to basic necessities. In response, Turkey has declared a level 4 alert, calling for international aid and support. People in the area desperately need help right now.

Last three days, we have received many messages of support and some of you have asked how you can help, and we appreciate your willingness to aid. You can support the relief efforts by donating to credible and effective NGOs working in the region. We have provided the information and payment details of such organizations below:

  • AHBAP is a Turkish NGO aiming to provide all kinds of aid to people in need, in kind and in cash. AHBAP has been very active in helping people affected by natural disasters in Turkey.

If you are considering making donations to AHBAP, you can access the payment details by the following link:

As the website is in Turkish, for your convenience, the relevant Swift details are as follows:

For USD donations:

  • Account Holder: AHBAP DERNEGİ
  • Swift Code: ISBKTRIS
  • IBAN: TR320006400000210212150262

For EUR donations:

  • Account Holder: AHBAP DERNEGİ
  • Swift Code: ISBKTRIS
  • IBAN: TR150006400000210212150277

For GBP donations:

  • Account Holder: AHBAP DERNEGİ
  • Swift Code: ISBKTRIS
  • IBAN: TR370006400000210212260849
  • AKUT is a voluntary association involved in searching, assisting and rescuing people by means of trained, disciplined, high-standard personnel and equipment.

         Via the following link, you can either make donations with your credit card or you can           find AKUT’s payment details for swift payments:

  • The White Helmets – The Syria Civil Defence, better known as the White Helmets, consists of about 3,000 volunteer first responders who “come from all walks of life,” including bakers, tailors, pharmacists, firefighters and engineers.You can make donations directly from their website –

Or support & donate to;

– Turkey Mozaik Foundation Kahramanmaras Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund –

-Queer relief fund for the 6 February Earthquake LGBTQIA+ and/or SW survivors:

– CDP Turkey & Syria Earthquake Recovery Fund to help earthquake-affected communities

–  Turkish Philanthropy Funds – Earthquake Relief Fund –

– Doctors Without Borders –

Other resources

If you like to aid to one of the affected areas this co-op has started an aid campaign, you can buy everything directly from their website and send all to effected cities – 

Topraktan Tabaga –

Also online companies like N11 and Hepsiburada are sending aid to the affected areas, you don’t need to add an address they will provide the coordination with the local distribution

—- >


[If any of the websites has only Turkish pages please use the google translate add-on, works sufficiently or let us know and will help you with translation.]

If you would like to send materials and coordinate on the ground:

IMPORTANT: If you are based in Bay Area or Los Angeles, BAKKAL will pick up all your donations from your house and deliver them to the Turkish Consulate. Please fill out this form to schedule a pick-up –

If you would like us to share any additional funds, campaigns, or aid links on our social media and newsletter, please send an email to

If you are currently living/based in Turkey and have an available room, please consider providing shelter for those who have lost their homes during these cold winter nights. If you are planning to visit Turkey, please let us know your destination so we can accompany aid with you and encourage you to support local organizations, collectives, and initiatives that are assisting earthquake victims.

Regardless of your location, please help spread the word by sharing this newsletter with others and considering making a donation.

Take care of each other.

Thank you.

CC team,
Mine, Naz, Serhat


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