Anger is a solution, if anger means kittens

Artists: anna anthropy, Miriam J. Carranza, Vera Drehbusch, Line Finderup Jensen, Olga Holzschuh, Ali Miharbi, Lara Ögel, Berkay Tuncay
Curators: Collective Çukurcuma (Naz Cuguoğlu/ Mine Kaplangı/ Serhat Cacekli),
Eva Liedtjens, Nada Schroer
Exhibition dates: September 15 – October 21, 2018
Venue: D21 Kunstraum Leipzig, Demmeringstraße 21, 04177 Leipzig
Fr – So, 3 pm – 7 pm

The project Anger is a solution, if anger means kittens examines manifestations of anger, frustration and exhaustion in post-digital, late-capitalist societies. If reality oscillates between disaster and satire, how one can deal with anger on an individual level as well as a social one?

By bringing together eight artistic positions, the exhibition investigates different potentialities of an ambivalent feeling and frames artistic expressions that redefine anger as an emancipatory rather than destructive emotion. From that perspective anger appears as a tool to transform feelings of refusal, revenge and powerlessness into individual and collective forms of agency. How to use absurd images of censorship, oppression and right-wing populism against themselves? What might be the future of anger in post-revolutionary, post-democratic societies? Apathy, escapism, depression, irony or excess?

Can anger be a solution? Could kittens be as well?

*”Anger is a solution if anger means kittens” was realized in the context of “Curator’s Lab” as part of the D21 annual program “Emotional States” focusing on the politics of emotions. The exhibition is a curatorial collaboration between Eva Liedtjens, Nada Schroer from Germany and Collective Çukurcuma curatorial team (Mine Kaplangı, Naz Cuguoğlu, Serhat Cacekli) from Turkey.

Public Program:

September 14

September 15
Guided tour with Eva Liedtjens/ Nada Schroer:

October 6
Performance Olga Holzschuh with texts by Tabea Venrath
Lecture Ragıp Zik (FU Berlin)
Panel discussion with Ragıp Zik, Olga Holzschuh (Cologne), Tabea Venrath (Hamburg) and Nada Schroer (moderation)

October 11
Guided tour with Collective Çukurcuma (Mine Kaplangı), Eva Liedtjens
Tea and conversation with Eva Liedtjens, Mine Kaplangı, Berkay Tuncay (online)

October 21
Lecture Performance “PEOPLE SUCK BUT IT’S OK BEAUSE CATZ – Riot Not Diet”
by Julia Nietschke

Solve All Your Problems by Lara Ögel, digital collage, 2014
























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