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Welcome to CC Station! An ongoing never-ending existential conversation between two monstrous ladies and others)—full of disorder, fragments, failure, humour, frustration, and amusement.

Our station is a gathering of everyday and uncommon (unconventional) conversations with artists, writers, thinkers, activists and mostly friends on topics like collaboration, collectivity in and around art.

Categories for our upcoming episodes;

Question Game
One Afternoon
Invisible Cities
In the Garden

Keywords and key topics of the station;

various ways of collaborations, connections, networks, thought experiments
art as a social experiment
queer issues
breaking the binaries
everyday conversations on and around art
focusing on many at the same time
emptying and refilling norms, notions, concepts, words
learning while doing
dream machines
possessions, obsessions and addictions
humour as a coping mechanism
alternative communities
missing (personal) archives
recipes for hungry minds
where speculative, fantasy and science fiction meets art
#question game
a place to be both too loud and too silent
too funny and/or too serious
a helpless, hoping hope on the loop, in the chain
a messy garden for fragmented souls
a room for one’s own own
where Roberto Benigni is dining with Donna Haraway
where Etel Adnan is going for a walk with Ursula K Le Guin

*Where is CC STATION?
CC STATION is a temporary-nomadic station where you stop to buy a bottle of water on a deserted highway and find yourself thinking about how to pronounce “Çukurcuma” while googling easy homemade simit recipe.

**CC STATION cover art and intro sound design by Berlin-based artist Zeynep Özkazanç aka zoka @zozkazoz

***CC STATION is a listener-supported podcast; we are grateful for all donations and support possibilities. We are working on four different jobs to sustain the new chapters of our lives in London and San Francisco while missing Istanbul dearly. Therefore we won’t be able to reply to each individual messages, but we appreciate all different voices, feedback, criticism, reviews and suggestions. Please do write to us and hopefully, we’ll get back to you sooner than expected.

Episode 1 : One Afternoon with HazMatLab (Sandra Havlicek, Tina Kohlmann and Katharina Schücke)

Episode 2: Conversation with Nicky Broekhuysen

Episode 3: Conversation with Ogulcan Ekiz

Breaking a world record of saying “copyright” a thousand times in one podcast – come on in! How to pronounce DAOs? What happens when a judge decides what art is? We talked about conjunctions where art and law meet and dines while mentioning the future of copyright/s with Oğulcan Ekiz. Important note: Oğulcan had to re-record two of his answers as we had an issue with the microphone while recording this episode.

To download the podcast info sheet –

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