CC Library I Ekbiçyeiç Kurtuluş Istanbul

Collective Çukurcuma Community Library at EKBİÇYEİÇ Kurtuluş (Istanbul, Turkey)

Address: Kurtuluş Branch Feriköy Mah.
Şeref Meriç Sok. 2/1a
34375 Şişli

Mon-Sat 11:00-20:30

Please take any book you like, return after you read and/or leave another! Let’s make sure we all keep the library running so feel free to donate any books you like. Hope this open collective (art) library will transform, extend and call out for many others.

All photos by Ayçan Tüylüoğlu, EKBİÇYEİÇ Kurtuluş, 2020


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